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Katherine Webb and Kate Upton will compete against each other in the Lingerie Bowl.

In a special halftime show during the Super Bowl, Katherine Webb and Kate Upton will play against each other in a very special Lingerie Bowl 2014.


Las Vegas oddsmakers has the Upton with the edge – picking her to beat Webb by two points (her points being larger than Webb’s).


The Lingerie Football League is a semi-pro football league that allows women to show off their talent and skills.  President Obama, who recently told American boys not to play football, is publicly encouraging women to play Lingerie Football.  “I love the game and the uniforms are very pleasing to the eye,” the President reportedly told the White House press corps.  “I wish Michelle would play.”


For women who want to play semi-pro football this may be the only alternative to show off their very real athletic ability. Games are played at venues throughout a regular season in NFL, NHL and MLS arenas and stadiums.


Webb will be leading the Alabama Slims, while Upton is leading the Los Angeles Stack.


Lingerie games are played full contact, and consist of two 17-minute halves separated by a 15-minute halftime.

A majority of the players have a background in competitive athletics, while others have experience in other sports at the college and semi-pro level, such as track and field, softball, soccer, and basketball. A few also have experience in semi-pro football leagues.

Webb’s boyfriend, A.J. McCarron will be in the stands for the game – and is hoping Brent Musburger notices him.  Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend will be playing on Upton’s team.