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Marijuana is now legal in Colorado, so potheads around America are now heading to Denver.

It took two days for potheads across America to learn that a marijuana law passed in Colorado, thus legalizing it.  And now, they are all packing up and getting ready for a move to Denver.

“We’re packing up our bongs and going to the promised land,” said Todd Wilkins of St. Louis.  “We’re going to be there when we get there and do the things we used to do when we first had time to do things and get people to understand that this is American and we won’t just, um… what was the question?”

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper reportedly said that he welcomes “potheads and weed lovers from around the world” to Denver.  He told everyone to “bust out the cheetos and move to Colorado!’\

Snoop Lion is already on his way!

Hickenlooper said he hopes to set up a phone call with Holder as early as Thursday to hear the federal government’s position. He said he had no doubt the Justice Department would respond enthusiastically to the passage of Amendment 64.

“Yesterday’s elections have forever changed the playing field regarding cannabis prohibition laws in America (and probably in large parts of the world, too),” Allen St. Pierre, executive director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, wrote in a celebratory blog Wednesday.

WWN has learned that a large contingent of potheads have gotten lost on the way to their cars.  We are looking for them, while they are looking for pizza.