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Following the visit to assess the damage on the Jersey Shore, Gov. Christie is now endorsing Barack Obama for President.

Gov. Christie who just a week ago reportedly said that Barack Obama “couldn’t lead an army of ants to a picnic,” and said that Barack Obama “turned off the lightswitch of leadership” and also said that Barack Obama was a Harvard Marxist – has turned around 180 degrees and is now endorsing Barack Obama for President.

“The Governor and the President get along great – like they’e been friends forever.  Well, more than friends,” said a top Christie aide.

“I’m in love with our President and I think he’ll make a great President for another four years,” Christie reportedly told Hurricane victims on the Jersey Shore.

Many in Hollywood were stunned – and a bit upset, because there have been plans in the works for a Laurel and Hardy biopic staring Christie and Obama.

If Barack Obama squeaks out a win on Tuesday it will be solely because of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s last minute endorsement of the President.

When asked about the political consequences of it all, Mr. Christie says he doesn’t care.  He also says the President doesn’t care.  Sources close to the White House say that the President is so pleased with Governor Christie’s endorsement that he may make Chris Christie Attorney General.

Kevin Madden, a senior adviser to Mr. Romney, reportedly said that Christie was just “in love” and that he would come around once the damage from Hurricane Sandy was cleared up – in about three years.

President Obama is planning on taking Chris Christie and his family to Hawaii next summer.  “They want to spend as much time as possible with each other,” said a source close to Christie.