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A new alien “phone”  can send messages through the Earth and to planets outside the Milky Way. 

A new “alien phone” has been developed.  It was first tested by sending messages through 500 miles of solid rock. Scientists say it will help us communicate with aliens.

“It’s a major break-through,” said Dr. John Malley of the United Nations.  “This device, though a bit large at the moment, has the potential to open communication with aliens as soon as this summer.”

The transmitter and receiver weigh several tons, but engineers are working feverishly to get it down to the size of an iPad.

The alien phone codes messages into beams of ‘neutrinos’ – tiny subatomic particles – and then send them through space.

“Using neutrinos, it is possible to communicate between any two points on Earth, or in space, without using satellites or cables,’ said Frank Ventimiglia, professor of electrical and computer engineering at MIT.

“Neutrino communication systems are much more complicated than today’s systems, but have important strategic uses,” he said.

Neutrinos can penetrate almost anything they encounter.

“Humans can now communicate without impediment with beings in outer space – on the far side of a moon, on a planet, and in a galaxy far, far away,” Dr. Ventimiglia said.

“The alien phone technology takes massive amounts of high-tech equipment to communicate a message using neutrinos, but we are already working on a scaled down model that can fit in any individual’s home.  We want to make it possible for individual citizens to communicate with aliens as well,” said Greg Bates, a University of Rochester physics professor who helped develop the alien phone.

Scientists demonstrated the phone at the Fermi National Accelerator Lab, outside of Chicago.   Everyone present was amazed.  “I think I spoke to a young Martian boy,” said one eyewitness.

E.T…. you can phone home now.

Rob Waugh
Daily Mail