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GEORGIA – Apparently foreign students, and some American college students, don’t know how to use a toilet.  Some colleges are offering instruction.

A number of foreign students are not familiar with Western bathroom customs and techniques and, apparently, this has become an issue on college campuses.  In addition, while studying this new phenomenon, colleges have also found that many Americans of college age are not using the toilet properly either.

Colleges in the southern U.S. have been using signs over the last two years to  help students work the toilet.  The signs feature diagrams and bullet points explaining how use a toilet, advising students to refrain from standing on the seat and to instead sit on it like they would a chair.

The advice does not stop there, with further instructions explaining how to use the sanitary bins, while students have also been asked to leave the cubicles in a sanitary state and avoid throwing toilet paper on the floor.   The sign also reminded students to flush.

But it has not been working, so some colleges in the south are offering a mandatory class in the first semester of Freshman Year.  The class is:  Toilet Use 101.

Students are taught proper sitting and standing technique, how to wipe, how to flush and how to plunge – if the need arises.  Students are reminded to thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilet, accompanied by an image of two upturned hands under a running tap with the words ‘WASH ME’ on the palms.

“Prior to the mandatory course, many of the toilets around campus were found in found in an unsanitary condition,” said a source at Georgia Tech.

Some in the south are saying that “the toilet problem” was caused at first because of the ‘cultural differences’ between western customs and the many foreign students attending the universities,.  Many eastern countries people use the toilet by ‘squatting’ over it, but this practice does not transfer to western bathrooms.

Some locals have a different opinion, “kids today just ain’t go not sense,” said Marcus Christmas of Atlanta.  “What is this world coming to, when kids today don’t know how to use the john.  Ridiculous.”

This girl did not pass her toilet class: