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LHASA, TIBET – Playgirl Tibet refuses to apologize for the cover of their December issue, featuring a scantily clad and sexy Buddha.

People throughout the region are in an uproar over pictures of their holiest figure posing sensually.  The Enlightened One can be seen in various states of undress through the 5 page photo shoot, culminating in full frontal nudity in the centerfold.

Some claim that having a physically enticing Buddha goes against several tenents of Buddhism.  Others say that using a revered religious figure for adult entertainment is sacrilege.

China has banned the issue from circulation, calling it obscene propaganda.  Beijing has accused Tibet of using the stunt to help fund protests.  The adult magazine has renewed tensions between the Chinese government and Tibet.

Tuan Lee, the photographer, says “It’s about the difficulty of ignoring the temptations of the flesh.”  In one memorable photo his overweight buddha is posing naked by a fireplace on a fake tiger skin rug.

Despite much popular protest the Dalai Llama has fully approved the images.   After speaking with the photographer he simply smiled and said “The physical world doesn’t exist anyway, so why get upset?”

Mexico has seen similar trouble recently, with Playboy publishing nude pictures of the Virgin Mary.

The feature will continue to run in this months Playgirl Tibet, which has quickly become a collectors item and will soon be impossible to find.