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LOS ANGELES –  Jennifer Lopez turned into a cougar after her divorce from Marc Anthony – and now she’s going to marry her cougar catch.

After a brief  fling with actor,  Bradley Cooper,  JLo has found true love with one of her hot backup dancers.  Casper Smart is 24 and JLo is 42. The happy couple is currently traveling together in Europe.

Sources close to the couple say that they got engaged last night and that they planned to get married in a Very Special Episode of American Idol.

“Jennifer was amazed by Casper’s dancing on stage, and she’s even more impressed with his moves in the bedroom.  She doesn’t think she’ll ever find  a better match for her,” said a fried of Casper Smart.  “Casper’s awesome and I’m sure they’ll make beautiful babies together, you know, if she can still do that.”

The couple got engaged on a gondola in Venice.  “She got down on her knees and proposed to Casper.  She put a gigantic ring on his finger,” said the Italian gondolier.  “Then I take a them to corner of the city where they make the love.”

Some attendees at recent concerts by JLo say that the couple gets “very” close on stage.   “Jennifer is considering doing a dance with Casper during her show – a dance in which they will both be dressed only in whipped cream.”

American Idol is thrilled that Jennifer is getting engaged so close to the start of a new season.  Kim Kardashian has been hired to advise the show how to best exploit the faux marriage and rake in as much money as they can before they divorce (which they plan to do at the beginning of the next season of American Idol).

Not to be outdone, Marc Anthony was spotted in Cuba with a 19-year-old budding porn star.

Maybe after their flings Marc and JLo will get back together?  You think?