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HOLLYWOOD – Selena Gomez broke up with Justin Bieber – the father of her unborn baby!
OMG!  Selena Gomez just split with Justin Bieber because he was sexting his ex – Jaasmine Villegas.

Insiders say that The Biebs texted a picture of his “boyhood” to Jasmine and Selena found it on his phone.

“Selena went ballistic,” a close friend of Gomez told WWN.  “Selena was mad crazy about it.   Especially because Jasmine is such a bitch.”

Justin might have just been confused.  Jasmine Villegas looks a lot like the Bieb’s current ladylove, and the mother of his soon-to-be-born baby – Selena.


Jasmine was the opening act for the second leg of Justin’s tour last year (and the closing act in his hotel room).

Justin fired back in the press.  He said the Selena sent a topless picture of herself to Pretty Little Liar heartthrob, Ian Harding.

Bieber dated Jasmine Villegas before he met Selena, and since Selena and Jasmine look so much alike, it’s possible that Justin has been using Selena as a rebound to try and get over Jasmine this whole time.  There are rumors that Jasmine is also pregnant with Justin’s baby and that he’s hoping to have two babies by his look-a-like girlfriends.

Does Jamine really look like Selena?  Well, here’s Selena:

And here’s Jasmine:

What do you think?

Maybe the biggest male pop star in the world has decided that he’s not ready to settle down.  Maybe he is hurt.  Selena recently said she doesn’t want to marry Justin, she just wants to have his baby.  So maybe he was just getting back at her.

Check out Jasmine Villegas singing “Jealous”.   It might have been meant for Selena.   Catfight!