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ORLANDO, FL – Sources close to  Casey Anthony’s attorney confirmed today that Casey has adopted a baby girl from Romania.

Reporters from Orange County confirmed that Casey Anthony applied to adopt a baby girl (2 years old) from Eastern Europe in early 2010.  Sources say she was accepted by the Romanian government – pending the conclusion of her trial.

It is expensive to adopt a baby from Romania.  Some say legal costs run in excess of $25,000 to adopt, but Casey has reportedly offered the Romanians three times that amount.

Casey has plenty of money rolling in now with book deals, movie deals and a porn video that she is slated to shoot in early August.  She is already worth over $8 million dollars because of her book deal.  READ about it here.

Sources close to friends of Casey say she offered the Romanian adoption agency $75,000 for the baby.

Casey will reportedly fly to Bucharest on July 25th to pick up the baby.  Her adoption attorney will not say where Casey and the baby will live, but many are speculating that she will return to the U.S. and live with her aunt in Texas.

Romanians are appalled about the adoption and are trying to stop it from going forward. “We do not want one of our babies being adopted by that monster,” said Flaviu Trasicu.  “We have standards here that citizens of the United States do not.  As a society, we cherish our children and punish child abusers.”

Casey Anthony reportedly wants to prove to the world that she is a good mother.  Sources say she told corrections officers in the Orange County Jail last summer that she plans on adopting 3-4 babies and having 3-4 of her own.  “She thinks she can handle a lot of kids,” said Tommy Kimplin of the Orange County Jail.  “She feels like she’s changed.”

Casey has not chosen a name for the baby girl she is going to adopt, “but it’s not going to begin with a ‘C’, that’s for sure.”

Americans are outraged about the verdict… and now this!  Some feel that maybe she should stay in Romania…