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ROCHESTER, VT – Two teachers were fired for outrageous actions during a sixth-grade sex-education class.

Two attractive young teachers were fired because they acted in a “wildly inappropriate” manner during  a sex-education class.  They stripped in front of a roomful of sixth-graders.

“I couldn’t believe it!” said Ana Diaz, the Principal of The Benjamin Franklin School. “These teachers got naked in front of the entire class.  I am livid. This is outrageous!”

Testimony at a hastily called school board meeting revealed teachers Maria Calabressi Resoldi, 29, and Ashley Barbosa, 24, stripped naked in front of the wide-eyed kids.

The teachers were explaining breasts and female reproductive organs to the children when both removed their blouses, brassieres and panties –  a shocked student told the school board.

Barbosa told WWN, “the best way for children to learn about the female anatomy is to look at it first hand.  Why use PowerPoint or photographs when children can look directly at my breasts and nipples?”

“It wasn’t just the breasts. These women showed the children – everything!” said outraged parent, Dominick Chadrini.  “They should be sent to jail immediately. They are pedophiles!”

 Not all parents in Rochester objected.  “I think it’s fine.  Children are going to see all of it sooner or later.  They might as well learn about private parts from a teacher.  I’m happy my son knows what a clitoris is,” said sixth-grade Mother, Margaret Sandmarsi.

There was a lot of screaming and yelling at the school board meeting, but when the meeting adjourned the teachers were fired.

The NEA is fighting to keep the teachers on the job.  “They did nothing wrong. This wasn’t a history class, it was Sex-Ed and teachers should be allowed to use whatever teacher aides they think appropriate – even if it means using their own bodies,” said NEA representative Holly Jangigian.

WWN will keep readers updated on the appeal.