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NEW YORK, NY  – Bigfoot strikes it rich in the big city.

Tired of living in seclusion and squalor, Bigfoot has decided to go corporate. He’s trading in his dirt floors, tree top canopy ceiling and living in the buff for marble floors, 16 foot ceilings and Armani suits.

In a deal with Sky Mall magazine, the popular in-flight shopping catalogue that sells all of life’s essentials at 30,000 feet, Bigfoot agreed to license his likeness in a variety of products. Some of these products include:

Bigfoot Tree Yeti Sculpture: $69.95

Bigfoot Holiday Yeti Ornament: one for $9.99 or a set of three for $19.90

Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture: $98.95

Due to the enormous success form the first three items, Bigfoot has been in further talks with Sky Mall. Sources say that we should be seeing a Bigfoot Robotic Butler and a Bigfoot Cookware set in upcoming issues.

In addition to the deal with Sky Mall, Bigfoot has also retained legal council to sue Bob Chandler, owner of the monster truck known as Bigfoot, for trademark and copyright infringement.

“Bigfoot neither licensed nor approved his name or any likeness to be used in conjunction with the monster truck of the same name,” said Bernie Goldstein in a statement to the press this Thursday, “We are also going after Universal Pictures, the makers of the 1980’s film Harry and the Hendersons under the same pretenses.”

When asked how much Bigfoot was liable to gain should he win the lawsuit, Goldstein responded by saying, “Let’s just say that my client will never again have to worry about being pursued for the hair on his back, but rather for the Italian designer shirt on his back.