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HOLLYWOOD –  After coming in third on last night’s DTWS finale, Bristol Palin bought the cast, crew and all her fans – Bat Boy Bobbleheads!

Bristol Palin finished in third place on Tuesday night’s live season finale of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” ending her surprising rise to the finals of the dancing competition.

At the after party Bristol gave everyone a Bat Boy Bobblehead.  “I’ve been a Bat Boy fan ever since I was a little girl and my Mom showed me pictures of him.”   Bristol also ordered Bat Boy Bobbleheads for all her fans – mostly Republican – who voted for her to the finals.

‘I thank you all, and Bat Boy thanks you!”  Bristol said.

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Sarah Palin, who is promoting her book “America by Heart” loved receiving her Bat Boy Bobblehead from Bristol.  She was reportedly in the studio during Bristol’s final appearance on DWTS  – in which she placed a Bat Boy Bobblehead on stage with her.

Actress Jennifer Gray, who consistently scored the highest marks from judges, was voted the winner. Disney Channel star Kyle Masse took second place.

Minutes after the show ended, Sarah Palin weighed in using Twitter, and she even managed to inject a political lesson in Bristol’s results. “Well, what a great ride! Competition is good for everyone.Be inspired by those who step up to challenges & improve w/each step,” she Tweeted.  “Go buy a Bat Boy Bobblehead!”