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NEW YORK, NY – 3D can make anything better … especially Anna Kournikova!

Anna Kournikova’s tennis career never really materialized. Her fans came in out in support to admire her beauty and not her tennis game. Well, tennis is long behind the Russian bombshell, but she is still turning heads. The 29-year-old graces the latest issue of Maxim and she shows that she’s still got it.

As if Kournikova wasn’t hot enough as it is, Maxim decided to slap some 3D on her. The former tennis star poses in some exceptional two pieces to show off her marvelous sexy well toned physique – in 3D. The sexy Russian has been romantically linked to Enrique Iglesias. The two have been supposedly dating for the past eight years.

On a side note, Kournikova finally became an American citizen. “You know, I’ve always considered myself half Russian and half American. It never seemed to really matter if I had a passport or not. But when I started working with the USO and the troops overseas, it just seemed the logical next step…”

Her photoshoot has a military theme, and is sure to raise troop morale anywhere. So get your 3D glasses ready and enjoy!

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