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NEW YORK, NY – The suspense is finally over – Conan O’Brien has a name for his show!

Love him, hate him or don’t care about him – regardless, Conan O’Brien will have a new show this fall. His “new show” will debut on November 8 on TBS. There has been much speculation as to what he would name it – edge of your seat kind of stuff. The wait is over and the funny man has spoken…


That’s it. Quick and to the point.

“It’s ‘Conan,’ simple, pure, like the guy himself,” O’Brien said in a Youtube video released first to NY Magazine’s Vulture blog and

O’Brien has been out of the headlines for a bit now. The ugly divorce from NBC and the “Tonight” show is behind him – and he’s gone ahead with very successful ventures. He also walked away from the divorce with pockets full of millions of dollars.

In the video, O’Brien appears behind a desk in a bare office.

“I’ve still got the beard,” he says, “and a pretty crappy office.”

He jokes that he spent millions of dollars and had legal and media research teams look into potential names, but ultimately came up with “Conan.”