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NEW YORK, NY – One actor has decided to come out of retirement and share with the world his shocking career change!

It could be said that two years ago, Joaquin Phoenix was at the peak of his acting career. Only 33, the actor had some very successful films under his belt such as Gladiator, Walk the Line and We Own the Night. For Phoenix, that was more than enough and he shocked the acting community by announcing his retirement to focus on his music career. Well, he’s back.

Phoenix will be starring in a documentary, I’m Still Here, due out in September. The documentary – referred to as a mockumentary by some critics – will follow him as he pursues a career in hip hop.

When the documentary was first announced back in 2008, many believed that it was an elaborate hoax to garner the former actor publicity and attention. Phoenix quickly addressed the rumors.

“This is no joke. Might I be ridiculous? Might my career in music be laughable? Yeah, that’s possible, but that’s certainly not my intention,” Phoenix said in a statement.

Phoenix’s appearance has taken a drastic turn – for the worse. He will be sporting a shaggy mop, unkept facial hair and a solid beer gut. His demeanor has gone from relaxed and composed to just plain weird. A teaser trailer for the documentary has been released.