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PARIS – There is trouble in space that could potentially affect communication with satellites!

Galaxy 15, a “zombie satellite,” lost contact with ground control after a solar flare probably fried its brain. The rogue satellite continues to operate at full power, but it is wreaking havoc in Earth’s orbit and threatens to interfere with signals coming from other satellites.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, numerous attempts have been made to contact the satellite but they have all been unsuccessful. Instead of dying and drifting off, the satellite has continued to orbit the Earth and refuses to receive instructions from its owner, Intelsat.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the “zombiesat” poses a real problem. The satellite could potentially steal a warming sat signal, and interrupt programming for its costumers. By programming they mean your precious television programs. That’s not the only problem as Galaxy 15 is closing in on another C-band satellite, AMC-11 operated by SES World Skies. AMC-11 is a satellite that transmits to Luxembourg.

“We do not have an additional specific technical attempt identified at this time,” Intelsat said in a statement. “But we will not give up, and expect to have other options to pursue at that time. We are now cooperating with other operators and customers to minimize potential service disruptions caused by interference.”