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NEW YORK, NY – One Hollywood actor beefed up for his recent role but shared an unusual fear with the public!

Jake Gyllenhaal put together a chiseled physique and tough guy attitude for his role in the upcoming film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. His fear of ostriches, however, is an unlikely fear for the fearless hero he embodies in the film.

“They would say, ‘Don’t make any noise around the ostriches. they’ll tear out your eyes and rip out your heart.’ So, I was naturally terrified,” Gyllenhaal said at Sunday’s London premier. “They look like they’re innocent, but they’re really not.”

Gyllenhaal’s co-star, Gemma Arterton attests to the actors fear of the flightless birds.

“He was really scared,” she told PEOPLE. “He ran away, and the look on his face – it’s not acting. It’s real.”

The movie opens May 28 in the U.S. and is sure leave any Gyllenhaal scenes of “un-hero-like” behavior in the deleted scenes section.