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NEW YORK, NY – With the crib notes incident behind her, Sarah Palin has voiced her anger over a popular show’s spoof!

The show, Family Guy, recently aired an episode in which they mocked Trig Palin’s Down syndrome. Palin was more than displeased with the episode. She went to her Facebook page and said, “it feel like a kick in the gut.” Her daughter Bristol weighed in on the subject, calling the writers of the show “heartless jerks.”

The episode featured Chris – the Griffin family’s son – bringing home a girlfriend with Down syndrome. The character said that she was daughter of the ex-governor of Alaska.

The animation’s creator, Seth McFarlane, said that the show was “an equal opportunity offender.” He also added, “from its inception, Family Guy has used biting satire as the foundation of its humor.”

Palin added that the issue “begs the question, when is enough enough?”

Check out her interview below.