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NEW YORK, NY – Two South Korean teenagers have won the competition for fastest texters in the world!

The LG Mobile World Cup is an international competition held in New York City every year. Teams from a dozen countries competed yesterday for the top prize of $100,000!

The contest consists of each team copying words and phrases in their native language off of a monitor correctly, with no typos and all the required capitalization and punctuation.

English was used for the countries U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries, such as Indonesia, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, used their native tongues.

The 26 finalists were chosen from more than 200,000 entrants in a global text-off that began last May.

The winners of the competition were 17-year-old Bae Yeong Ho and 18-year-old Ha Mok Min, two two teams of Americans taking second and third place. Bae will be saving his $50,000 to study becoming an opera singer, while Ha will put it away for an engineering degree.