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SYLVANIA, OH – An Ohio woman was accidentally implanted with another couple’s embryo, and will have to give up the baby.

Sean and Carolyn Savage had three children, but wanted to try for one more. Due to a medical condition, they decided to use IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, to have their fourth child.

However, twelve weeks into the pregnancy, the couple were informed that Carolyn had been mistakenly implanted with another couple’s embryo!

Carolyn remembers the moment she found out: “I was upstairs in the bedroom and he came through the door and said ‘I have really bad news’ and I kind of sat up and he said, ‘You are pregnant but they transferred the wrong embryos.’

“I was actually yelling at him, ‘You are joking, you are joking’ and he kept shaking his head. He was white as a sheet.”

Because of their religion, Sean and Carolyn decided to not terminate the pregnancy, and instead carry on and hand over the baby once it was born.

They met the genetic parents a few weeks later, and Carolyn asked only that she has a few moments after the birth to say goodbye to the child she had carried for nine months.

When asked how they had gotten through the pregnancy, Carolyn said, “We are trying to mentally frame it in a positive way and look at is as a gift for this family that 8-months ago we did not know.”

“I think that is the only way we will get through it.”

Because of a medical condition, this is the last baby Carolyn will be able to carry. The couple is now looking into “carriers” that would be implanted with their embryos.

The Savages’ attorneys are making sure that the fertility clinic “will accept full responsibility for the consequences of their misconduct.”