CAIRO – A classified ad told exactly where a UFO would pick up a pair of aliens who had been visiting our planet!
That’s the claim of German explorer George Muller, who followed the ad’s directions and got to the site in time to see a saucer-shaped ship beam up two extraterrestrials in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
“I don’t think there is any doubt that the UFO was picking up explorers or spies,” Muller, 33, told newsmen in Cairo, Egypt.
“The classified ad was directed at two creatures named ‘Durn’ and ‘Abelf.’ It gave the latitude and longitude of the rendezvous point and told them to be there on Thursday, September 17, precisely at noon.
“I don’t know why, but the ad intrigued me, and I decided to go to the site myself. When I arrived, the UFO was hovering about 50 feet over the ground.
“A shaft of blue light show out from the ship and lifted two pencil-thin individuals – aliens – into the ship’s belly. The UFO remained staionary for five or six seconds. Then it flew straight up and disappeared.”
Muller’s report met with some skepticism but he seemed to have ample evidence to support his claims.
The classified ad, which was placed in the personals section of Cairo’s Al Ahram newspaper by an unidentified woman, spoke for itself. And photographs taken at the alleged UFO site showed that heat generated by the spaceship had fused a 200-foot circle of sand into glass.
The site is approximately 450 miles south-southwest of Cairo deep in the Sahara Desert.
And while Muller found it next to impossible to get there in a Land Rover, footprints leading to the spot indicated that the aliens got there on foot.
“No man alive could have walked through the desert like that but those aliens pulled it off without a hitch,” said Muller. “They must be immune to blistering heat. And they obviously can live without water.”
Egyptian officials refused to comment on Muller’s report but insiders confirmed that they are “keenly interested” in what the German has to say.
One source noted that the authorities have suspected “clandestine extraterrestrial activity” throughout Egypt for months.
“It’s too soon to draw conclusions but I suspect that there could be a connection between this alien activity and the event Mr. Muller described,” said the source.
“I don’t know what kind of information the aliens were after. But if I had to guess, I’d say they were checking out the Pyramids.”

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