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ASHLAND, NH – Earl Havlock picked up the phone at the general store, dialed his brother Elwood and said: “come on down. I think I’ve won some money for you on the lottery.”

When Elwood arrived at the store he expected to see a $40 winner. Instead Earl grinned and handed him a winning lottery ticket — worth an incredible 8.94 million!

Less than an hour eariler, Earl, who has been diagnosed with epilepsy since he was a teenager, had gone into Luff’s Corner Cupboard in Ashland, NH, and purchased some lottery tickets for himself and two as gifts for his brother. When one of those two hit the jackpot, Earl — who barely scrapes by of $450 a month disability payments — faced the decision of his life: to claim the money himself or to hand it over to his brother.

Earl didn’t hesitate and jumped right over to the phone to call Elwood and happily handed him his ticket to prosperity. Elwood, 49, told Weekly world News: “I glanced at the ticket thinking it would be a $40 winner. The girl behind the counter told me, ‘It’s the jackpot ticket!'”

“I laughed and said, ‘Yeah, sure it is.’ I thought she was joking until everyone in the store started congratulating me and shaking my hand. I couldn’t believe I was a multimillionaire!”

Says Earl, “A lot of people told me I should have kept the money, but I bought it as a gift for Elwood and you don’t hold back a present. Even if it’s worth 9 million dollars.”