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LOS ANGELES, CA – Heidi Montag has continued her downward spiral into absurdity and added one more moment into the head-scratching category!

Her recent shopping spree at the plastic surgeon has been well chronicled. According to her, a jaw-dropping 10 plastic surgery procedures made her the happiest she’s ever been. “The Hills” star became the source of many jokes and she’s apparently joined in the mocking.

Montag, with the help of and Oscar-winner Ron Howard, has shot a video in which she mocks herself for the sake of an important message. The video is aimed to urge Congress to enact financial reform.

“I was honored to work with the amazing Ron Howard,” Montag told PEOPLE. “He was even more incredible than I could have imagined – kind, generous and made me feel so comfortable – he made me feel confident in my talent.” That’s some strong appreciation. It’s almost if she confused him for a plastic surgeon and was trying to get a good deal on her next procedure[s].

The video was shot at a private home in Los Angeles and was released Tuesday. It was semi-scripted as it left some room for improvising. Montag’s husband makes an appearance and the dress in the video was designed by Montag.

Montag’s video is part of a series of the unusual marketing techniques employed by Americans for Financial Reform. They are urging, among other things, massive call-in days throughout the week to push Congress toward forming a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Check out the video below.