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LOS ANGELES, CA – John Mayer’s mug shot has leaked on the internet.  Only Weekly World News has the full story behind his arrest.

Earlier this week a mughsot from the 2001 arrest of John Mayer was released on the internet.  The story behind this arrest has remained a mystery, until now.

During the late nineties John Mayer was a member of the Hells Angels.  Before he was famous, the sensitive musician was wanted for armed robbery, larceny, and stampeding cattle through a church.  Police in five states were on the lookout for the man they only knew by his biker name “Babyface.”  Babyface spent years outrunning the law across 5 states.

In fall of 2001 he arrived at a small bar in Atlanta in a car he stole at the instruction of the ghost of Jim Morrison.  Inside the bar were members of a local biker gang were mourning the loss of the Atlanta Falcons in that afternoon’s game.  Seeing they were members of a rival gang John Mayer walked over to their table and offered them a napkin saying “if you want to cry over your sissy football team, the ladies room is over there.”  He then began to casually relieve himself into each of their beers.

The fight that ensued left 3 tables broken and the bartender with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Police arrived on the seen shortly and Mayer was arrested for the fight, and the 7 dried grams of mushrooms they found on his person.

John Mayer served only probation in exchange for key information that brought down a stolen furniture ring.  It was during this time that he decided to change his life and focus on music, again at the suggestion of Jim Morrison’s ghost.   After Morrison heard what would become Mayer’s first album, the two haven’t spoken since.