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LOS ANGELES, CA – Reports are pouring in that, Lady Gaga, the New York-born singer songwriter is not quite the ultra-feminine sexy siren she claims to be. According to sources, Gaga boasts both male and female genitalia.

Reports surfaced when a YouTube video began to make the rounds, displaying several pictures of the scantily clad songstress with what appears to be parts of the male anatomy.

Sources claim that Gaga has addressed this topic in the past. Some claim she “just didn’t like going around telling everyone that she has both male and female parts. Now that everyone knows, she can really capitalize.”

Now the the secret is out, what is next for the pop star? It’s likely that Gaga will start performing as her male alter-ego, now forming two seperate identities, thus, doubling her growing appeal. People close to Gaga also claim that she has begun a relationship with Megan Fox, who just last year came out at the Golden Globes, revealing that she is, in fact, a man.