When tough times start shrinking your bank-roll, you can still survive if you follow tightwad tips from the greatest experts on Earth — the world’s richest people!
There are lots of little ways to save big money. And no one applied them better than people like the Kennedy’s, Howard Hughes, J. Paul Getty and other multi-millionaires who really knew how to streeeetch a dollar.

  • It is well-known that Prince Rainier of Monoco bought socks all the same color and style, so that if one sock wears out, he always had a match!
  • Mega-rich oil baron J. Paul Getty had a problem with people coming to his home and making both local and long-distance calls. They’d tell him that they’d pay him for the calls, but always seemed to “forget” — until Getty installed a pay phone in his house for his guests.
  • Matriarch Rose Kennedy used to trade her old clothes with a friend who wore the same size. That way she’d get a whole new look for free.
  • Her husband, Joe Kennedy liked to workout with weights, but instead of purchasing expensive barbells, he would fill old paint buckets with water, put them on the bathroom scale to check their weight — and presto, he had free weights to workout with. You can do the same thing with plastic milk jugs.
  • And speaking of the Kennedys, a former housekeeper who worked at the Palm Beach home of Ted Kennedy says the former senator never wastes electricity by running the clothes dryer.
  • Christina Onassis used to insist that her housekeepers stuff the fingertips of their dishgloves with cotton balls to prevent puncturing them.
  • Donald Trump saves paper by using old comics as wrapping paper for gifts! He says it also makes the gifts more appealing to kids!
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  1. I have been around these people..Money is their god..they are always concerned that someone is going to take it from them or take advantage of them..They truly do not know how to have relatonships because of this..
    They go to the bathroom the same way we do..and in the end..they die..and they cant take it with them…because it would catch fire…oops I dont mean to judge..But if they are a philanthropist..they might make it up yonder.I know some who have..im sure..Most people have gotten rich due to dishonest practices..that's a known fact.Published somewhere..I read a while back..

  2. IT really is pathetic. I don't believe in rampant waste, but on the other hand, no one is taking money into the next life. If you have it, why nickel and dime yourself or others? If the reason for getting rich is not a. to help the less fortunate or b. to live at a certain standard, what's the use?


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