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FRANKFURT – German and American scientists have found a stone face under polar ice that’s identical to the stone face on Mars!

The mile-long monument also matches stone faces found on the moon, Venus and Neptune. And that suggests that the people or creatures who built them were capable of interplanetary travel over 500,000 years ago, when the images are believed to have been made.

“The faces were clearly made by the same hands. The challenge before us now is to find out who made them, and why.” Drs. Phillip Lentz and Dieter Horne discovered the stone face under 3,500 feet of polar ice while conducting a seismological survey of Antarctica in February. The monument’s features were recorded by an instrument that uses sound waves to map geological formations under the Earth’s surface.

And those features clearly mirror the helmeted, human face that America’s Viking probe photographed on Mars in 1976.

“Other probes photographed stone faces on the moon, Venus and Neptune between 1975 and 1989 and they are all the same,” said Dr. Lentz, who holds advanced degrees in geology, astronomy and physics. “The key question is whether the Antarctic face was the first monument or teh last,” he continued. “If it was the first, we can assume that a technologically advanced society existed on Earth 500,000 years ago and left to colonize space.”

“If it is the last monument, it seems likely that extraterrestrials visited Earth and might still be here today. It’s purely speculation,” he added. “But we humans may be descendents of those extraterrestrials.”

Drs. Lentz and Horne plan a second expedition to Antarctica next spring and hope to learn more about the massive monument at that time. It is also believed that NASA is planning an expedition of its own, possibly for the end of April.

“It will be years before we can get a man to Mars or Neptune to study the faces there,” said Dr. Lentz. “But this isn’t like the faces in space. This is in our own backyard. It is an opportunity that can’t be ignored.”