I’m pig-biting mad! All my favorite right wing sweeties are getting picked on!
I don’t want my true love, Michelle Malkin, to get jealous or anything – but I’m fed up with everybody going after Miss California AND Sarah Palin this week!
I was hoping when Carrie Prefab went on Larry King, her sheer beauty would give the old coot a big fat heart attack so we could finally get him off our televisions for good. Not that anyone could ever tell if he was dead or not.
No such luck. Instead, the two of them got in a fight and she stomped off the show.
The weird part was: I couldn’t tell the difference between when she WAS on the show and when she wasn’t anymore! And neither could Larry!! She’s a pretty girl, but she needs a brain implant to go with her boobs.
On the other hand, Sarah Palin’s no dummy, but I was scared when she went on Oprah. What if Oprah got hungry half way through the program? Our Sarah could end up a being a Palin Burger!
I hear Sarah got away ok, but everybody’s still making fun of her for writing a book. They think it will be just beauty tips and parent advice and moose gutting how-tos, but that’s crazy! I may even read it myself and I haven’t picked up a book my wife bought me the last Jeff Foxworthy one and we stuck it in the spare bathroom for when people come over.
Anyhow: lay off the right wing babes or you’ll have to answer to Ed Anger and his shotgun!

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5 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "LAY OFF THE LADIES!"”

  1. Excellent points all, Ed. Pretty celebrities should be allowed to have opinions regardless of their validity or logic and I believe this in a completely nonpartisan way. Unless I disagree with them, let them present their points of view in a fair and nonjudgmental atmosphere. Then we should do whatever the pretty people want us to.

  2. Both of those people mentioned are female alright, but they are not ladies!
    Ladies have a code of conduct – just like a gentleman or someone in the military.
    These two have none of it – just a socirty pleasing outer appearance.

  3. I think you are right about the brain implant for Miss Prejean.
    She has this crazy idea that freedom of speech means
    "I can say any crazy thing I want, and you aren't allowed to COMMENT ON IT, DAMN IT"
    Thank goodness you are not like that ED. You know the comments section is a great place to learn new things

  4. I like miss Prejean but i think shes too liberal…. Prejean aint that a french name??? hmm. suspicious maybe she is a liberal sent to undermine us real conservatives? after all liberals aint known for their looks; thats why they whine so much, but maybe she has alot of plastic surgery they can do wonders now , just look at what they did for michael jackson he almost looked human before he expired…


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