I’m madder than a hostage in I-ran! So now “Worst President Ever” Jimmy Carter says everybody’s lying but him.
On one TV program, he said people who didn’t like Obama were racists. But yesterday he told another show he never said it.
Well, here’s what he said the first time:
“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American.”
Hey, at least Carter didn’t call the Teleprompter Kid a “black boy” again, like he did before the election. Hey, Jimmy, your white sheet is showing!
Anyhow, now Carter says he never said what he said, even though there’s a tape recording of it. Hey, isn’t that what Nixon did?
Now Carter isn’t the hick you think. His whole routine was he was just a peanut farmer, but I don’t think the Navy lets you drive their atomic submarines if you’re some hillbilly.
So he isn’t that stupid. But he thinks YOU are. That’s always been old Jimmy’s thing: we’re all dumber than he is. He actually went on TV to tell the country that if you’re cold, you should put a sweater on! Thanks, Watson!
Well I guess he has a point: we must be dumb for making him President!
His economy was so crappy they had to come up with a whole new name for it: “stagflation.” We had no gasoline. He let the A-rabs kidnap Americans and did nothing about it.  And he didn’t lift a finger to ban bell-bottoms, disco music, green fridges and shag carpeting.
So go stick your Nobel Prize where the nuts don’t grow, Jimmy Boy! We were sick of you then, and we’re sick of you now!

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