I’m happier than Michael Moore in a vat of tapioca pudding!

Van Jones should change his name to “Bus Jones,” cuz that’s what Obama threw him under!
Yep, we finally got that slick, smooth talking, book writing communist out of the White House! No, not the Communist-in-Chief – unlike Van Jones, he doesn’t have an arrest record (that we know of).
No, I mean they kicked out that “Green Jobs Czar” guy who thinks the CIA did 9/11, even though they also tried to kill Castro fifty times and never could. So: the CIA couldn’t make a decent exploding cigar but they blew up two giant buildings?
Don’t you feel sorry for Van Jones, being kicked out of his job in this lousy. What with his fancy Ivy League diploma, he’ll be driving a cab or working at McDonalds any day now!
And since he believes in welfare so much, you know Van Jones won’t mind going on it for a while, side by side with “The People”!
But it’ll all work out. You just know Van Jones is gonna get his own radio show nobody listens to, and TV show nobody watches, to go along with his book nobody reads. He’ll win lots of pretend awards, too.
And that Glenn Beck deserves all the credit for going after this crazy Communist working in Washington. Beck is just like my hero, Senator Joe McCarthy, except he doesn’t drink. (Or so he says. Pretty hard to believe.)
I’m still mad at Glenn Beck for stealing all my ideas and making a zillion dollars while I’m stuck here in the little nook beside the washing machine and the old console TV. Van Jones will have his own show before old Ed Anger does!

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4 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "SO LONG, VAN JONES!"”

  1. Maybe a fat joke is peurile but did you ever look at michael moore, gross!!! He cannot control his own intake but he wants to prescribe to a country who they should choose for a president. B Obama can thank God MM never publicly endorsed him!!!


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