BREAKING NEWS – Ed Anger has obtained Ted Kennedy’s letter to the Pope!
So back in the summer, Ted Kennedy gave Obama a letter to give to the Pope. I guess Teddy boy agreed with Obama that “it’s the Post Office that’s always having problems”!
Nobody knew what was in that top secret Pope letter – until now!
Today, I received THE ACTUAL LETTER ITSELF, from a super secret source who calls himself “Barely Legal XIV,” whatever that means.
The letter came rolled up and stuck in an empty bottle of Crown Royal (complete with one of those handy purple drawstring bags, too! Mrs.
Anger loves those damn things…)
And speaking of booze: don’t blame me for those wet highball glass marks all over the letter. They were there when I got it!
Right now, some of you are mad at me for printing this thing, but I don’t give a rat’s heiny! The Papist Church of Rome isn’t a real religion anyhow; all they do is get drunk and pray to statues and rattle their beads and who knows what all!
So tough!
Here’s the letter:
“Dear Pope,
“How are you? I am fine.
“First off, thanks for the nice Christmas present. I always wanted a pair of those red slippers you always wear – how did you know? They look really good, and are perfect for wearing around the compound.
“Second, how is the canonization of my brothers going? I know it’s a lot to ask, all things considered, but just think of all the holy cards you’ll sell with their pictures on it? They were the good looking ones, after all. Saint Bobby of Boston has an especially nice ring to it, don’t you think?
“Finally, I just want to remind you to put in a good word for me to You Know Who. I’m getting pretty nervous about You Know What, all because of That Other Thing From Before. It was a long time ago but some people… You kill only one chick but they never let you forget it and get on with your rich, successful and very dry life… Sheesh.
“So that’s all for now. Thanks again.
“PS: O.J. says ‘hi’!
“Sincerely, the Tedster”
Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself!

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  1. Did the Pope respond? I hope Bobby gets canonized. Saint Bobby of Boston has a really nice ring to it. Sublime and tasteful…

  2. The creation of a cynical nobody who will wind up contemplating (or not) his own non life at the end. Those who can't do "criticize" others who do.

  3. You know, if this little joke on Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy is tasteless, then how tasteless are the million of murders of the unborn that Kennedy openly and vociferously supported?
    I hope that when Ted Kennedy stands before his accusers, starting with Mary Jo Kopechne and including all the millions of slain babies, God has mercy on his soul.
    You liberals need to wake up and see the horror of your sins. Elijah slew 400 false prophets of Baal at the Kidron brook who are just like you (1st Kings 18). Don't think for a moment that God's love is limited to the born. Love means Justice and that is exactly what Kennedy is finding out right now.

  4. Thank you Geraldine. The Church founded by Jesus Christ the night before He died 2,000 years ago will continue to witness to the love of God even if people like Mr. Anger don't understand. I will pray for his conversion and the soul of Ted Kennedy at Mass today.

  5. If you don't llike Ted Kennedy than that's your opinion, but you should keep your ignorant mouth shut, especially when you've never met someone before. Selfish B*stard.

  6. Without a dought, you are a REPUBLICAN without a brain that works correctly. POOR YOU
    I know there are some that are good but you are not in the bunch. Even other republicans would not agree with your sick words.

  7. The Cathlics make up there own stuff in their religion, they picked and chose and even added to what they wanted the God who they worship to be like. That said, no religions are perfect and go all by the Word of God in the Bible.

  8. Ted was a man who made democracy a reality for millions of Americans while the pope is a prideful hypocrite whose big fat ego kept him from doing the right thing-the thing that a TRUE vicar of Christ would've done. But pope Benedict is NOT a true vicar of Christ. The true vicar of Christ was Ted Kennedy when he wrote that letter trying to get Bennie to repent. He didn't and now Bennie is going to burn in Hell. Burn Bennie BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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