BURBANK, CA – ESPN’s parent company, Walt Disney, is in discussions to create a made-for-TV movie about the rise and fall of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. In an additional bombshell for the studio, rumors circulating among Hollywood is that Miley Cyrus will be tapped to play the lead.

Said unconfirmed sources at The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s a list of 4 possibles.  And all 4 are Miley Cyrus”.

Said a disgruntled intern to an executive at Variety: “Miley already approved the script, now they’re just looking for a director”.

Said two actors / directors working at the Sunset Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, “Please read our script, we hate LA”.

The storyline will apparently follow A-Rod’s rise, fall, and redemption from young phenom, to highest paid player ever, through the steroid admission and the upcoming season. Studio insiders say that Cyrus was their ‘dream choice’ because not only is she as pretty as Alex, but also can portray his fragile feminine side, and his jealous of Jeter insecurities.

Those in the Miley camp were hush about the rumor, although eyewitnesses say Miley recently met with A-Rod’s cousin, Barry Bonds, and Barry’s ex-personal trainer, Greg Anderson, about researching the role.

Would Miley actually juice to get ‘into character’?  Disney had no comment.

Scheduled release date is October 2010, to coincide with A-Rod’s predictable, and annual, playoffs flameout.

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