PHILADELPHIA, PA – Michael Vick is the No. 1 in Philly. One group isn’t exactly pleased with the decision!
When Donovan McNabb was traded, it sent shockwaves throughout the NFL. The only team that didn’t feel those shockwaves was the Philadelphia Eagles. They were confident in the quarterback that was waiting to take over the team – Kevin Kolb. Big things were expected of Kolb and so far .. big things have happened. Kolb suffered a concussion in his first game and now he finds himself as the Eagles No. 2 quarterback, behind none other than …. Michael Vick.
Vick has been fighting an uphill battle ever since he was reinstated in the NFL last season. Sent to prison for 21 months for illegal interstate dog fighting, Vick was – and still is to a degree – considered an outcast in the NFL circles. Fans and casual observers were outraged by his reinstatement and have not allowed him to live down his past poor decisions. Regardless, Vick has shown he still has game and has earned his spot back as the No. 1 of an NFL team.
“When someone is playing at the level Michael Vick is playing, you have to give him an opportunity,” Eagles coach Andy Reid said. “This isn’t about Kevin Kolb’s play. You’re talking about Michael Vick as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.”
“I’m humbled and I just want to win games,” Vick told ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio.
While Vick and the Eagles organization may be feeling good about their decision and future there is another group that isn’t sharing in their joy. Actually, they are down right mad and “growling” with fury.
The canine community in Philadelphia and across the nation for that matter, is enraged at these recent happenings. They have swallowed their emotions for way too long and with Vick taking the reigns of the Eagles – all those emotions have come up. They will not stand by and allow for an individual that showed such neglect and disregard for their kind to flourish in the NFL.
The Eagles will get a one week reprieve since they are heading out to visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. But in two weeks, when the Washington Redskins come to town, the canine community of Philly will come out in full force. Dogs and their owners are working on establishing a major protest.
“We will not stand for this,” said a spokeswoman for all the dogs. “Michael Vick has one good game and all of a sudden he’s a savior. What about all those dogs he mistreated? Was he a savior to them?”
“I guess winning cures everything, huh?,” she added. “Well winning won’t cure the emotional damage that he caused the canine community. We will show up in full force in two weeks to voice our displeasure with this decision. The Eagles may have just lost a great deal of support.”

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  1. Vick should have been in jail for years longer than his original sentence. So he can play football, he still is a rotten human being. Shame on the Eagles for buying his contract.


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