MADRID – A former French soccer star has made some very bold statements!
Zinedine Zidane retired from professional soccer in 2006 and left as one of the game’s most respected players. One of his last moments on his pitch lacks the same respect, however.
Zidane retired after the 2006 World Cup in which he was ejected in his final game for head-butting Italian soccer player Marco Materazzi. In a recent interview with El Pais, Zidane recalled the infamous incident and expressed shame for his actions and apologized to soccer fans and his team.
That apology did not include Materazzi. Zidane made it crystal clear that he’d rather die than apologize to the Italian.
“After the game, I went into the dressing room and told my teammates, ‘Forgive me. This doesn’t change anything, but sorry everyone. But to [Materazzi] I can’t. Never. Never. It would be to dishonor me … I’d rather die,” he told the newspaper.
According to Zidane, Materazzi and other Italian players were heckling him and making repeated remarks about his family. Check out the famous moment below.

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