WASHINGTON, DC – Elizabeth Cheney is likening her father’s defense of waterboarding to Al Gore’s campaign for climate change. She hopes that he will receive similar offers for movie deals and Nobel prizes.

Elizabeth Cheney went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday to comment on her father’s recent media campaign to defend America’s use of enhanced interrogation methods, which some call torture.  In the interview she compared her former Vice President father to Al Gore, who after leaving office started a campaign to fight global warming.

“Al Gore is doing what he feels is necessary to make the world a better place.  Unlike Mr. Gore’s claims, we have actual facts to back us up that these methods worked.

“He’s out there advocating what you call torture because he loves his country!  There are evil people out there scheming to kill us in our sleep.  These methods have saved countless American lives.  He is a hero.  He deserves a Peace Prize more than Al Gore; all he ever did was scam people into changing light bulbs.”

She then went on to describe how her father was similarly thinking of funding a movie to get his message to a broader audience.

“It’d be like An Inconvenient Truth, only with more truth.  And also like, explosions and suspense like Jack Bauer on 24.”

Sources reveal he may likely receive funding from the producers of Wanted and Crank: High Voltage.  Michael Bay is currently slated to direct.

Liz then jovially recounted a time when she was 16 and her father had used enhanced interrogation techniques on her.  She had planned to sneak out without her parents’ permission and her father used several methods like waterboarding and stress positions to get a confession from her.  “If he hadn’t have done that I would never have told him about the party I was going to.  In the end I think it made me respect him more.”

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  1. Wait is that last bit real? Al Gore dedicated his entire life to literally trying to save the world. I don't know if defending someones right to torture another person has the same nobility of cause as environmental protection. However, I am glad that the former VP is making public statements ( http://www.newsy.com/videos/questioning_dick_chen… because a lot of Americans agree with him, though I am not one of them.

  2. liz cheney is just like her father a trator to the us. to compair cheney to al gore aka the true winner of the 2000 vote. is an insult to all the morals the gore stood fot . cheney stood for war steal mony from had working american buy allowing corpret loop holes so they didnt have to pay taxes.the cheneys should stop flapping there gums.and be charged with treason.

  3. Cheney Puppet Liz invokes the 911 lie talking point.

    Family sociopaths for profit.

    Bulls on Parade ~

  4. That you kool-aid drinkers are still alive is testament to the fact that the Bush administration kept our country safe from the Radical Islamists since 9-11. Undoing the things that have worked could, logically, make us less safe. Hate the Cheneys if you want, but you might try loving your country more than BHO.

  5. Threats to America have only grown since Bush and Cheney took office. This is because the actions of the U.S. during that time period where perceived to be hostile or absurd. USA has entered an endless cycle of performing nasty actions against the people who hate it, or don't agree with SOME of it's principles (A conmunist could, I guess… like USA), or, even the people who are allies, or love the USA (Non-hostile countries, or countries full of USA lovers). These hostile actions in turn cause more hate, often creating new threats. Until the objective turns to the root of the cause of the threats (Hostile actions performed by the U.S. government, including ones that involve the imposition Western Values on foreign culture), then this cycle of abuse will not stop; and less and less people will like the U.S.


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