LOUISVILLE, KY – Appearing for the first time in hundreds of years, Nostradamus has taken a human form to predict the death of a Supreme Court Justice!

Famous for predicting world events hundreds of years prior to their occurrence, Nostradamus claimed that one day he himself would return to Earth, bringing knowledge and wisdom about the future of the planet and the fate of mankind.

His prediction realized, it is now evident that Nostradamus has been living among us for the last 78 years as Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning and is only now sharing his knowledge about our future.

At a conference this past weekend, Bunning told a crowd of about one hundred people that he had a vision telling him Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg only has nine months to live.

The audience was shocked by the revelation that the Conservative Junior Senator is a reincarnated Nostradamus.  They were less surprised by the prophecy. The portrait Bunning presented as proof of his claims can be seen below:


Bunning’s wife Mary was equally surprised.

“I had no idea Jim was Nostradamus,” she told reporters after the conference.  “I didn’t even think he knew who Nostradamus was.”

“I just thought he was a very observant man.  I didn’t know he was clairvoyant.”

Justice Ginsburg was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Pancreatic Cancer, a terminal illness usually acting very quickly.  Her doctors, however, confident they caught and treated the disease so early on, gave Ginsburg a diagnoses that defied the odds.

Bunning’s prediction was not as hopeful.

“Without any of the facts, a medical background, or any formal education in the last half century, Jim Bunning made a heartbreaking prediction about my health,” Justice Ginsburg told reporters.

“But with a proven history of foreseeing impossible to imagine events, hundreds of years into the future, how could I not be worried about a reincarnated Nostradamus?”

“All I can hope for is, having been dead for so many generations, his accuracy may be off by a couple years.”

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