President Obama is planning a massive outdoor concert this summer in upstage New York.


The President has been enjoying hosting The White House concert series – entitled “In Performance at The White”  so much that he wants to throw a big outdoor Woodstock-style concert this summer – at the taxpayers expense.


“The President loves music and loves throwing parties.  He has long admired what happened at The Woodstock Music and Arts Fair in 1969 and wants to replicate that event,” reportedly said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

The President wants the event to be “Three Days of Peace and Love.”  Reports are that he wants to use it as a forum to launch his “Legalize Pot Across America” campaign and wants all in attendance to bring their weed and smoke it with him and Michelle.


President Obama reportedly wants to pick out the line-up for the three-day event and has formed a “Woodstock War Room” to make the “tough decisions” on who will perform and who won’t.

The artists that the President has already selected include:  Beyonce, Earth Wind & Fire, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Jay-Z,  Santana, Ben Harper, Al Green, Ray LaMontagne, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson,  Moses Blue, U2, REM, Mumford & Sons, Wilco,  Carrie Underwood, BB King, The Beach Boys, Fun, Adele, Joss Stone, Melissa Etheridge, KD Lang, Mavis Staples and Aretha Franklin – among others.  Ted Nugent is not allowed to even attend the event.

The President is also promising to deliver Led Zepplin to Woodstock 2013.   And there are rumors that the President will sing – and release his first album at the concert.  Clive Davis is repping President Obama – as an artist.


The dates of the event are scheduled for  August 15th-18th.  Tickets for “Woostock 2013 – Three Days of Peace, Love and Music” will go on sale May 1st.

Taxpayers are footing the bill, so The President wants all Americans who can attend to come to the event.  “It’s gonna big the biggest concert in the history of music,” said Jay Carney.




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10 thoughts on “OBAMA TO HOST WOODSTOCK 2013!”

    • this is so obviously not real. who
      took the time to put this crap together. I had my doubts, but when I read ted nugent will not even be able to attend that made it obvious

  1. Really, would anyone be surprised if this were actually real? I mean, really, from a Commander-in-Chief who goes to a political fund-raiser while an American embassy is under attack, would this not be par for the course?


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