UPPER DARBY, PA –  A lion thwarted the “burgling” efforts of two young lesbians.

Britney Singleton and Harley Gifford, 19-year-old lesbian lovers, ransacked more than two dozen houses recently, stealing everything from flat-screen TVs to facial creams – and turning back only when, the women insist, a lion greeted them inside one of the homes.

The lion jumped the two burglars, somehow called 911 and held them down until the cops came.  This, according to sources close the girls.

Chitwood said Gifford and Singleton told police – in separate interviews – that they saw the lion and were about to run out of one house in the township’s Cardington section after encountering the lion.

Cops went to the house to see if, in fact there was  lion there.   The cops could not see the lion – but they heard a roar.  Could it be a ghost lion?  Cops aren’t saying.

Cops are calling the Sapphic snoopers “Thelma & Louise.”   They are calling the lion – “a hero.”

The two girls have been terrorizing Upper Darby for months.

“They’re a two-person gang,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood Sr. said yesterday “They rip out all the drawers, go through the cabinets, throw everything on the floor. Not only are they criminals, they’re sickos.  And very messy.”

Jewelry, video games, cameras, laptops, watches, $22,000 in cash, Euros, pesos, poker chips, $2 bills, toy ponies, toy cars, toilet paper, a .22-caliber revolver, a Sony PlayStation, a Nintendo Wii, knives, autographed baseballs, Crazy Glue, lubricated condoms, a Virgin Mary statue, sneakers, iPods and baby lotion.

And a hookah pipe and some pot. Hey, why not?

Both face 25 counts of burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and related offenses. They’re scheduled to be arraigned today.

“They sold a lot of stuff on the street, but they’d stolen so much in such a short period of time that they couldn’t get rid of everything,” Chitwood said.

It’s as if they turned Upper Darby into their own personal Walmart for the summer, police say. There are even reports of missing ice cream. Tough to make that charge stick, though.

“This was their shopping spree,” police Capt. George Rhoades said. “They didn’t buy lotion or nail polish, because they stole it. They took whatever they could get their hands on.”

The women have allegedly admitted to 25 burglaries in Upper Darby over the past couple of months, including an apartment right above them on Marshall Road. They even jacked a 55-inch TV without a car, police said.

“They carried it down Marshall Road to their home,” Chitwood said.

Police initially suspected that Singleton, who is originally from Philadelphia, and Gifford were supporting a drug habit, but apparently they’re clean.

“Just thieves, pure and simple. And they were getting more brazen. Almost every one was a daylight burglary,” Chitwood said. “They said, ‘Who would suspect two women?’ That’s why they felt they could get away with it.”

Upper Darby detectives were able to track them down with the help of a tip from Prospect Park, where they allegedly broke into more homes.

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  1. The house pictured could easily be in Upper Darby Township (my current home)…but probably not in the Cardington section, home of the lion. Cardington is full of 1920's-era twin houses…which makes me wonder how a large feline would be at home there!! The lion remains a mystery! (Homes like the picture abound in the Drexel Park and Drexel Hill neighborhoods.)


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