KENT, UK – A woman watching a family home video was shocked to hear a ghostly voice in the background!
Sarah Mackessy is a mother of three from Rochester, Kent. She and her partner, Darren Dand, had taken their children to The Enchanted Forest, a nature reserve in Tunbridge Wells.
As Darren played with the two older children, Mackessy recorded video of her new eight-week-old son, Mack.
When she watched the video later on, they were horrified to hear a strange voice whisper “I’m alive” in the background!
Mackessy explains, “The only people around at the time were my partner and the two children who were about 10ft from me.
“All the other members of the public had gone as it was nearly closing time.”
It is very clear and loud, as though the voice came from right next to the baby. Mackessy can think of no explanation for this besides the supernatural.
Unfortunately, like most ghostly recordings, there is no 100% fool-proof way to verify what the voice came from.

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