According to records kept in Vatican City, more souls were sold to the devil in 2011, than any year since 1933.

Maybe it’s the tough financial times, maybe it’s the fact that more and more people are distancing themselves from organized religion or maybe more people than ever are willing to try anything to get what the want – but more people have “sold their souls” to the devil in 2011 than in any year going back to 1933.

How in the world can you track souls being sold?

Good question.  And one that we asked officials at the Vatican, who keep records of the devils “doings.”    WWN reporter, Foxington Delaware, went to the Vatican and spoke with Cardinal Bonfiori who told her that within the Vatican is a special room that tracks the Devil and his misdeeds and several priests sit there all day in psychic divine meditation and record the deals that are made.

Sound a bit farfetched?  We thought so, too.  But Foxington Delaware went into the “Devil Monitoring Chamber” and witnessed first-hand the Catholic monks who monitor the devil.  They do not speak – not to others, not to themselves. They just sit in a room and “channel” the devil’s henchmen and write down names, place, dates… deals.

“God knows all,” Cardinal Bonfiori told Foxington, “and our priests are trained to tap into the mind of God in this small, yet important way.”

A Vatican exorcist told WWN that people have been making pacts wit the Devil for centuries, but they always end in disaster.

“I knew a very attractive woman who couldn’t break into the world of cinema.”  Father Pellegrino Ernetti said. “She made  a pact with the Devil and immediately after was chosen as the star of a movie.

“The actress went on getting leading roles and became a stra in Italy. But the lifestyle led her to drugs and now as a heroin addict she is tootally under the control of the Devil.

“She asked me to h lep her break this pact, but became frighted of the possibility that without the support of Satan she would return to the miserable anonymity she lived before.”

Father Ernetti has been studying Devil pacts for 30 ears.  “And I’ve spoken to priest in virtually every country who report these deals with Satan to the Vatican.  He recently published his finding in the Catholic weekly magazine Famiglia Cristiana.

In one of the most shocking cases last year, a man trapped in a satanic deal discovered the strength to break away from the demon’s clutches.

“A young French boxer made the pact after a disappointing career,” said Father Ernetti.  “He began winning fights and was rising quickly to the top when he realized his opponents didn’t recover after the bouts, remaining disabled and handicapped for the rest of their lives.

“He found the courage to come to me for help. Afer a long and difficult series of exorcisms, I was able to rid him of the Devil.

“Now he is leading a happy, normal life working as a garage mechanic in Paris.”

The Vatican estimates that over 4 million people sold their souls to the devil in 2011, which was  up from 2.5 million in 2010.  The average before The Great Recession was 1 million a year.   The highest year on record, since the Vatican began keeping records was 6 million in 1933, the worst year of the Great Depression.

Is the Vatican making any of their own deals on souls?

They’re not saying…

But Foxington did get some names of some prominent Americans who sold their souls in 2011:

— Bill Maher

— Lindsay Lohan

— Herman Cain

— Courtney Stodden

—  Casey Anthony

— Kim Kardashian

— Charlie Sheen

— Nicki Minaj

Can you think of any others that probably sold their souls?

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  1. Can you sell the souls of others, like real estate agent for example? Surely the inventer of insurance could appreciate the benifit of local saleman.

  2. Sell your soul to God. It is a whole lot more profitable…
    If the devil is tempting you then make good use of the Rosary and the Brown Scapular.

  3. Today marks the end of my suffering and the beginning of a new chapter,I have summoned and called the old father of the Brotherhood and the 666 elites to witNess to my great choice towards wealth.. hail the light


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