PETALUMA, CA – Despite dominance by the Chinese Crested breed, a boxer with an underbite has won the 2009 World’s Ugliest Dog contest!
The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is in its 21st year and runs in tandem with the Sonoma-Marin Fair. The Chinese Crested breed has dominated the contest for the past seven years, and represented more than 50% of this year’s entrants.
However, Pabst, a rescue dog adopted from a shelter three years ago, took the show by storm. Named for his “bitter beer face”, Pabst won the mutt round and the overall World’s Ugliest Dog top prize. He netted $1,600 for his adoring owner, Miles Egstad.
Egstad had never heard of the contest until seeing it on TV, and only entered his dog after friends convinced him to. He had no idea the crowd would be chanting Pabst’s name while the judges decided on the final winner! “I don’t think he’s that ugly!” said Egstad upon winning.
Do you think Pabst was the ugliest? Check out Miss Ellie, the blind 15-year-old who won the pedigree category:
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19 thoughts on “WORLD'S UGLIEST DOG”

  1. u havnt seen dalhia. i am currently dog sitting long term the ugliest dog by far, i have ever seen. she is an all black purebred olde english bulldogge. she was the runt. she looks like a mix of bulldogge tho has a giant protruding lower jaw w her teeth stickin out so far n its funny. when she jumps up on my blk leather couch all u see is TEETH!, part pug w her too big for her tiny face BIG beedy eyes, oh n part pot belly pig sums it up! u can email me for a pic! devanee23@yahoo.com

  2. ya he is totaly cute all that dosn't make him cute is that he just has an overbite and is that a cat or a dog if i cant tell if that is a dog or a cat then that is a pretty ugly THING!!!!!!!

  3. Aww, both of the dogs are cute! :] There is no such thing as an ugly dog, they're just unique and special in their own little way [: Every dog is cute, no matter what it looks like 😀 x

  4. I am the proud owner of China, the 4-2003, winner of Weekly World News's Ugliest Dog Contest. She turns 12 years old in July, 2010. China is doing fine. She continues to do her favorite things: eat; go for walks; rides in the car; sleep.
    BTW, her attitude is one that states, "Everyone is looking at ME! Everyone wants to be ME!!"
    She still reigns the most gorgeous dog, to ME!!


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