LONDON – Like something out of a horror movie, a 30-year old British man “gave birth” to his embryonic twin brother!

Gavin Hyatt of Oxfordshire long had a small lump on his stomach that doctors could not diagnose. Usually easy to ignore, he had recently begun to feel a burning pain right above his navel. He spent a week in and out of hospital but was eventually sent home.

But the pain started again, and Hyatt saw that he was bleeding as the lump began to push through his skin.

The firefighter managed to drive himself to the emergency room, where the 4cm fetus popped out! Dr Joe Santos said, “It was like something from Alien. I didn’t believe Gavin when he said something was coming out of his belly button until I saw him.”

Doctors now know the lump was a parasitic twin, that died after four weeks in the womb but was absorbed into Hyatt’s body. It is a rare occurrence that is often used as a device in horror films and TV shows such as The X-Files.

After such an ordeal, Hyatt only had to say, “I feel absolutely fine now but it has not sunk in yet that I could have had a twin brother. I have him in a jar at home and I call him little Gav. I haven’t told many people. I feel like a bit of a freak.”

[Photo source: The Sun]

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