LOS ANGELES, CA – The Wolverine movie has leaked onto the internet.  Weekly World News has a recap of the plot, including the surprise twists. Spoilers ahead!

An earlier draft of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked onto the internet yesterday.  Although many changes are expected to be made in editing before the official release, here is a synopsis of the plot.

James Howlett is born the son of a country gentleman in 19th century Canada.  He shares his time with the older boy Victor Creed, the gruff and mysterious son of the groundskeeper.  His dreams of living the quiet life of rural aristocracy are shattered when his mutant powers manifest and he accidentally butchers his family with giant retractable claws.

James and Victor run away to Oxford where they share long idyllic afternoons having picnics and reading poetry to each other.  Their affection is punctuated by a constant battle of wits they are engaged in around each other.

With the coming of World War 1 the two enlist in the army.  During a German siege, Victor becomes entangled in some razor wire. Desperate to save his friend, James experiences his first berserker rage and kills an entire battalion.  Victor writes a ballad to his savage bravery titled “Wolverine.”

James and Victor continue a long and distinguished military career, interrupted only when Wolverine agrees to take care of seven mutant children hiding from Nazis in the Austrian Alps.

Victor Creed becomes disconsolate without his friend and soon develops a horrible case of consumption.  Desperate to reach his friend in time, Wolverine must fight his way through Nazi Germany.  Using his heightened mutant reflexes he drives a motorcycle into a jeep, using the explosion to propel him onto an enemy helicopter.  Slaughtering the occupants, he is able to get to Victor’s chateau in Switzerland and be with him in his final moments.

Distraught by the death of his dear friend Wolverine faces the Nazi mutant super team in a climactic explosion filled battle.

Comic book fans are on the fence about the movie, some upset with the disregard for the source material and other enjoying a fresh take on the characters.  Which direction the final edit will take remains to be seen.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens May 1st.

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    • HAHAHAHA.. did you even see the movie?? the first maybe ten minutes deal with the whole nazi germany thing then it moves on… and wolverine isn't from a ballad it is from a story told by the silver fox (who is a school teacher while she is with wolverine)… get your facts straight because victor and wolverine have at least 3 fight scenes in the movie because thought they are half brothers they become enemies

  1. Sorry but the leaked info is incorrect. The two are actually brothers. They show the two briefly in battles through out the years growing showing how the 2 dont really age. The both have similar healing abilities except Wolverine's is better. How Wolverine got his Adim. metal inserted in his body. (Logan asked for). Why he lost his memory and how. Why he now hates his brother (Sabartooth). Logan had hate for his brother (Sabertooth) because Sabertooth after many years like the killing part which Logan didn't and left his brother.

    Anyway enough i just wanted to give a real quick explaination of the movie because the above 5yr old book report was way off. Trust me great movie. I would say it gave me answers to many of empty spaces about Wolverine. I can honestly say, this might be the best of the X-Men movies well directed. If you liked the comics, your gonna love this movie, plus it also leaves alot of things open to this Pre X-Men movie which could also show how Xavier starts the school with Cyclops etc.

    Well anyway i hope this helps and pushes you to see in when the movie comes out in a month.

    • Yeah i agree it was good but the whole deadpool/weapon XI thing really pissed me off as deadpool was indeed my favorite mutant… i am hoping that it is in fact not deadpool since the only time weapon XI is referred to wade is when wolverine asks him "wade is that you?" It probably is and I'll be very disappointed but o well. Some of the actions scenes are sick.

  2. Thay fu!?ed up bad. Watchmen was way better! I cant beleave what thay did to wade willson. The only excuse i can think of is that thay wanted wolverine to shine not deadpool. All fox had to do was stick to the comic books. How hard is that? I mean makeing improvement is one thing but . .. Funny part is. Willson at the begining was more like deadpool as a readguler human with the vest gloves a what he did with the sward. . . Excilent. What happend? Im dissapointed in marvel and fox.

  3. This was only for April fool's day 🙂 There cannot be such story plot ! lol

    Anyways, i read a post from someone who have seen the leaked movie, and told me that the story was really nice. however, i'm waiting to see it on the big screen !!


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