VICTORIA, BC – Pro wrestler Chris Jericho was assaulted after a match this weekend.  It now seems Manigator, the half-man half-alligator mutant, started the fight.

While leaving the arena after a match, WWE wrestler Jericho was surrounded in his rental car by several angry fans.  The fans were furious at his ‘bad guy’ wrestling persona.  Jericho got out of his vehicle and a fight quickly broke out.

New evidence has surfaced in which a small reptile man can be seen starting the fight.

Cell phone videos show Manigator leading the crowd surrounding Jericho’s vehicle.  Dropping one can of beer and spilling the other, Manigator climbed on to the hood of the car.  Jericho can be heard swearing loudly at the sight of the drunken cryptid.  Manigator then began jumping on the hood to further encourage the crowd, but quickly became sick and vomited all over the windshield.
This was the point when Jericho had enough and got out of the car.

At first he was successful in getting the crowds attention, and calming the mob by reminding them he was really Chris Irvine, and not his character Chris Jericho.  But Manigator screamed “Hulkamania Forever!” and sucker punched him from behind; that was when the fight broke out in earnest.

Chris Irvine has since apologized for his actions and will face no disciplinary action.

Manigator is an avid wrestling fan, and often stows away on planes to attend matches outside of his native Florida.  Due to this incident, his status as Persona Non Grata banning him from entering Canada has been renewed for the another year.

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