SAN DIEGO, CA – Giant Squids are invading the beaches of California and they are coming by the hundreds!
These mammoth creatures have tipped the scales at 60 pounds, but come in somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds. Don’t annoy them either because they will squirt ink when irritated.
People have been fascinated with giant squids for centuries. Caribbean folk lore has its own giant squid called the Lusca. As does Greek mythology in the name of Scylla. The number of known giant squid specimens was close to 600 in 2004, and new ones are reported each year.
Despite their immense size and tendency to spew some nasty ink, fisherman are far from scared. As of today, around 400 of the giant squids have been caught by anglers. An article from San Diego 6 states that locals “have started booking twilight fishing trips over the weekend to catch them.”
The last time giant squids made some noise was when a record-breaking 19.5-foot-long, 103-lb mammoth was pulled from the Gulf of Mexico. Giant squids are back and they mean business. Did anyone order some fried calamari?

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