HO CHI MINH CITY – A small boy jumped from the fifth floor of his house to meet his mother!
Tuan, a four-year-old Vietnamese boy, was in his family’s apartment on the fifth floor. When his mother told him to come down to give her a key outside, he took it too literally. He jumped out their window!
A neighbor claims she was looking out the window as the boy fell past her. He didn’t look scared, but actually had his arms spread as if he was flying!
Oanh, his mother, said, “I panicked and despaired when he fell down to the ground. But I was happy to find him coherent after the fall. I’m very happy to know that he only broke his thigh bone.”
Thankfully, he landed in a pile of sand, that minimized his injuries.
The little bat boy is recovering well, however doctors have asked the parents to manage him more closely, in case he trys to fly again!
When reached for comment on whether this was his influence, Bat Boy fled crying into his cave. He later indicated he will be sending Tuan a hand drawn Get Well card this week.

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