FAIRMONT, WV – A Weekly World News reader sent in this frightening photo of a demon!
On October 22, Amy Blake was driving down her street in her West Virginia town when she noticed a huge bonfire in her neighbor’s yard.
“I snapped a photo because I could not believe they were burning such a large fire,” Blake said.
When she looked at the image later, she noticed a demonic face coming out of the flames!
Concerned, she shared the camera phone photo with a colleague, who also noticed the face. He told her to contact Weekly World News with her discovery.
Have you seen something similar in your town? As Halloween approaches, readers should be extra vigilant for other evil manifestations in our physical realm.
If you’ve had any strange occurences, do the right thing and let Weekly World News know! E-mail your photos and story to info@weeklyworldnews.com

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