SAN DIEGO, CA – A man who threw feces in a courtroom has been sentenced to 31 years!
Weusi McGowan was on trial for robbery and residential burglary, and has an extensive criminal history. Prosecutors said he went on a shooting spree at the age of only 16, and committed the robberies after he left prison.
McGowan has suffered from mental illness in the past but was considered fit to stand trial.
During the trial, McGowan asked the judge to replace his public defender. He felt he deserved a mistrial after he believed jurors saw him enter the courtroom in restraints. The judge refused and the trial continued. A few days later, he smuggled in a bag of feces, rubbed it on his lawyer’s face and hair and then threw it at the jury!
The feces did not hit the jurors, but did get on one of their briefcases.
After the mistrial, McGowan was retried on his original charges, as well as two new ones, assaulting a public officer and assaulting a juror. He plead guilty to all charges and received 31 years in prison.

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