NEW YORK, NY – A real-life vampire has come out of the coffin to educate the public on vampire lifestyle!
Actress Seregon O’Dassey is feartured in a new series called “Vampires Revealed”. The show takes a look at the lives of three people who follow the vampire lifestyle.
O’Dassey has appeared in number of independent horror films, but it is her vampire confessions that are getting her attention.
O’Dassey is a part of the New York City vampire scene, which consists of a number of houses or orders. These houses make up a type of government, which has levels of varying power. Those who do not participate in court systems are called ‘ronin’, the Japanese term for masterless samurai.
The actress is coming out before Halloween because she wants to dispel with the usual stereotypes. Those in the scene have regular every-day lives, working as lawyers, nurses and accountants!
“We don’t go around attacking people and biting their necks, and we don’t sleep in coffins. We might have them in our houses—I know people who do—but they’re just for decoration, and we don’t live the way people think we do. I believe they’ll be interested to find out that despite how they view us, they really just have no idea.”
For instance, O’Dassey doesn’t constantly drink blood. Instead, she does it only two or three times a month, and only with her long-term boyfriend. “You have to know the person, trust the person.”
And she recommends only tasting a few drops, as blood is actually a laxative!
While she has kept her second life somewhat secret due to trying to have a mainstream acting career, she says any close friends or family already know and have accepted it. O’Dassey explains, “There’s a really good interview with my mom, which will probably make you chuckle a little because she says she always thought I was a little weird. But my mom’s my best friend, she always has been.”
To find out more, catch “Vampires Revealed” on Comcast On Demand’s Paranormal TV channel all this month.

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7 thoughts on “SEREGON O'DASSEY”

  1. …Hummph, what a story, probably a hox.
    Think of what happened in the old days when a body rose from the grave and didn't know what to do – The old vampire legend paranoia deep inside the individual as if in a passionate state in spirit. Ask any Psychiatrist what such passions could do.
    When a body rises from the grave and is alive it may be due to its human-energy double not having had a normal sexual life physically, in other words, the sexual experiences of such human before dead may have been elevated like a Saint, so an unseeen double like nature gets developed by the indiviual probably unconsciously, nothing necessarily vampiristic but simply a re-discovery of oneself at the human level.
    Such situations as passed on historically were very sad, the average human doesn't understand this.
    This women that came out of the grave is best no known by the public, and if possible simply live a normal human life longer but be very careful in diet intake and associates. Horror could show up!

  2. This is a very intriguing post, I was looking for this information. Just so you know I located your web page when I was checking for blogs like mine, so please check out my site sometime and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

  3. The world of the psyche does not discriminate but can be picky sometimes in looks.
    In the old world when a soul resurrected from the grave in ordinary places, the community most often wouldn't want such being to return and live normally as ahuman because of fear. Certain things as being more awaken about what sex is really like and what it does to the center of the human being, so careful practice sooner or later, that's why…
    So you see what the problem is concerning the vampire story, two kinds, the naturally resurrected one who could become paranoid about the vampire legend, and you know what specialists in mental science say, deep fear and undivided passion in that process – find out what power can develop! The other situation then, example, TB (tuberculosis), a condition that weakens ones whole being, and ones mind becoming so contemplating to overcome the condition that another side of reality takes over the human being, yes the electromagnetism (the yang, the saphirot) of the human being acted to a high plain in sexual love – so figure out what could be the rest, body deterioration and such energy taking over against the natural chemistry of the human body but controlling it some ways!


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