LONDON – The newest sensation taking hold of England? Miniature pigs!

Teacup pigs, also known as micropigs, are a specially bred mixture of potbellied pigs with the Tamworth, Kune Kune and Gloucester Old Spot breeds.
They are very small, weighing 9 ounces at birth and only reaching 65 pounds at full growth. They also never grow much higher than 12 to 16 inches.


Enamored? Well get ready to pay up. These piglets go for upwards of $1,100! As they are highly intelligent and need to be entertained, some breeders will only sell them in pairs, and to people who fit a certain criteria. Because they are considered farm animals, potential owners must also be licensed to keep livestock.
Are they worth the hassle? For those who are allergic to cats or dogs, they are great replacements for traditional pets, as they are about the same size and have hair instead of fur.

Jane Croft is a breeder who gave up her career in order to breed tea cup pigs full-time. “Demand for micro pigs is soaring and we are inundated with inquiries every day,” said Croft. “It’s amazing how popular they have suddenly become and just how many people want pigs as pets.”

There are no official teacup pig breeders in America, but considering their popularity, it’s likely they’ll be crossing the Atlantic soon enough!


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10 thoughts on “TEACUP PIGS”

  1. You guys are funny, but you seriously need an editor or something with all those typos. Just because you guys got moved to the internet for your syndication doesn't give you all the right to be lazy… well… more lazy than before 🙂
    Actually, these pigs are available in the U.S for as low as $300 dollars, so they aren't as expensive t purchase as they are for upkeep. There is currently a seller in San Antonio who breeds these bundles of squaling, wriggling live-bacon for around $300 for males and a little bit more for females. It IS true it is reccommended you keep two to prevent the micro-piglet from going 'hog wild' on your furniture, plants, house guests, pets, children, etc.

  2. Hi, I have a question. I currently have a 3 year old Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig, we have had him since birth. He has been an amazing pet. However we were told the biggest he would get would be 65 pounds haha, so 3 years later he is now 180 pounds. We love him to death, but he is hard to keep up with. Also the reason i am writing you this is because when i looked into purchasing a pig, i asked about minature ones( teacups) and i was told there is no such thing. It was a myth and the only way to get a small pig was to mal nourish them, which the thought of it makes me sick. So what is the real answer, and what is there life span. We were told Vietnamese can live up to 25 years. Please help me with my questions.

  3. Pigs grow according to the diet you feed them. the more rich in fat and less protein and less exercise the pig gets, the fatter it will get. However some pot bellies are just bigger, but the only ones I've heard of getting that big were overfed.

  4. hi i would love to have a tea cup pig but i live in australia so could i get any from here or do i have to buy them from over seas i realy love pigs my pet pigs past away and i love to have one please email me on dillypilly_96@hotmail.com to let me know were i can some and how much would it cost thank you Joanne

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